Our RAW EPS products offer a comprehensive product portfolio for the customers. The bead size varies between 0,4 – 2,5 mm depending on the product and the customer need.

Our insulation and packaging products are developed to fulfil the strictest customer requirements whether it is a package for the food industry or building insulation. We have a comprehensive product portfolio and our experienced sales and technical service teams are available at all times to give help and advice.

Insulation grades

The need for energy-efficient building and infra solutions will become more important in the future. By choosing BEWi’s raw material for their own process, the customer will create a construction that will last long into the future. Besides the excellent insulating properties EPS is an easy-to-use and cost efficient material.

Packaging grades


EPS is one of the best materials for packaging solutions thanks to its versatility. An EPS-package guarantees the best protection for the product because of its excellent insulating properties. With the right choice of package an unbroken cooling chain can be assured from the food producer to the consumer for example from Norway to Japan. The technical EPS-packages provide excellent protection for the content from any form of impact or vibration.